Lëtzebuergesch Spekulativ Fiktioun. D’Kuerzgeschicht: D’Séissel vun der Guillotine ass elo disponibel op Amazon als eBook!

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Writer and Student.

Born 1995 in Luxembourg. Cosimo is currently writing his master thesis on Luxembourgish Science-Fiction. He is in his fourth semester of his Master in Secondary Education – Luxembourgish Studies, after having graduated from the Bachelor in European Culture – English Studies, both at the University of Luxembourg.

Cosimo writes short-stories, poems, and plays. He has published texts with Les Cahiers Luxembourgeois, Black Fountain Press, Nos Cahiers and Solarpunk Magazine.

Cosimo received the 2021 Chrysalis Award for Luxembourg: an award dedicated to emerging writers in the speculative fiction genre. He also won the first Luxembourgish slam competition in September 2021, organized by Géisskann Kollektiv and represented Luxembourg in Brussels at the European Slam Poetry Championship.

Cosimo likes frogs and insects, and he sometimes says words out loud, which makes people laugh, much to his surprise.

You can find his blog here: Blog.



2019: The Catking (Les Cahiers Luxembourgeois).
2019: De Café um Bock (Prix Laurence).
2020: Beyond the Graveyard (Black Fountain Press).
2020: Splash (Language Center and University of Luxembourg).
2020: The Little Girl That Knew Best (Les Cahiers Luxembourgeois).
2021: Twenty Modern Fables (Prix Laurence).
2021: Die Kuh Grast (Website Exclusive).
2021: Kee Signal (Nos Cahiers).
2022: Of Coin Crunch and Menthol Water (Solarpunk Magazine).
2022: Jelliskäpp (Les Cahier Luxembourgeois).
2022: D’Séissel vun der Guillotine.
2022: Luxembourgish has no verb for love (Language and Learning Center ).


2022: The Green Frog and the Sad Sun and the Silly Moon (The Places Zine).
2022: Ouni Kapp, A Lecture Performance written and with Sandy Heep, Antoine Pohu, Fernando Martins Da Mota, directed by Daliah Kentges (Maskénada).
2022: Zowaasch, Play written with Antoine Pohu and Maxime Weber, directed by Daliah Kentges (Maskénada).
2023: Héichuewen ; Déifbuedem, Poem written for the Prix Laurence , Finalist (Prix Laurence).


2020: Interview (RTL Today).
2020: Interview (Radio 100,7).
2020: Interview about NaNoWriMo (Woxx).
2021: Interview about speculative fiction in Luxembourg (Lëtzebuerger Journal).
2021: Interview (Culture.lu).
2022: Table Ronde (Woxx).

Cosimo Suglia, dans « The Little Girl Who Knew Better », décrit sur le mode des contes (pas de fées, cependant) l’amère désillusion de Julie, gourmande et grande amatrice d’abricots. Une belle petite histoire qui ne s’embarrasse pas d’afféteries de style et qui fonctionne dès lors plutôt bien.

Florent Toniello, Woxx about The Little Girl Who Knew Better